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Jim Ryan's "Simple Happiness" Book

Jim has just released his latest edition of his inspirational book, Simple Happiness, 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up.  Tens of thousands of readers have been encouraged to live their best lives now.  Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, Jim had decided to bring his book to the national scene. Soon it will be available in bookstores, libraries and gift shops all over America.  It is also available on Kindle, Amazon and Smashwords.

Simple Happiness was written from the heart with the intention to give you comfort and hope.  Comfort that no matter where you find yourself, it is just where you are supposed to be. It offers hope that no matter where that place is, it can always get better, much better.  It represents comfort and hope that true happiness and joy are available to everyone – including you!

People who read the book are often so moved by it that they pass it on to someone they care about. I invite you to open that door of opportunity I like to call “Simple Happiness” and as you do so, may you find what your heart desires.

Go ahead, choose a link and take that first step toward Simple Happiness: Jim’s Store,AmazonSmashwords.

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See what enthusiastic readers have to say about “Simple Happiness”



I was moved by the simplicity of your insights.  I keep a copy in my office and refer to it often.  I always find something to help ease the daily stress of my work.  I have purchased and distributed copies to my top managers and executives.  I give it my highest recommendation.
Chintu Patel, CEO, Amneal Pharmaceuticals
I absolutely ADORE this book!! It really tells you, in a very practical straightforward and easy-to-understand way, how to become happier by using your thoughts. And bottom-line, don’t we all want to be happier? I felt, as I was reading it, that Jim was speaking directly to me, not just rambling on and on with psychological mumbo-jumbo.What he says makes sense. What he says WORKS! The chapters are short but powerful. I am very interested in the law of attraction and Jim incorporates that into the book as well, but in a subtle and helpful way that won’t turn people off.I am a clinical social worker in private practice, and I also teach classes on gratitude and happiness, so I have read many, many books on the subject. Some are too scientific, some are too corny, but Jim’s book is, as goldilocks says, just right!
Sharon Rosman, LCSW, Skokie Illinois
I have read the first 20 pages of Simple Happiness and I could put the book down right now and will have learned VERY valuable life lessons.
It was a pleasure meeting you at the seminar. You are a gifted man. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.
Alyson Bruu, Director of Marketing
Simple Happiness is a magical and touching combination of logic, awareness and spirit. Ryan inspires us with his charisma, uplifting messages and thought provoking anecdotes.
William Sinunu, Author of Life Could Be Sweeter
[Jim] you have surpassed Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and even Wayne Dyer in one very important aspect. It is your voice. While reading [Simple Happiness] I heard you taking to me. There was no bombast, no pedantic style, just a friend sharing with another friend some profound ‘secrets’ he has discovered and now wants to pass on with enthusiasm. It was as if you were on a chair next to me telling me some great strategies that have worked for you.
Fred Chernow, Author of The Sharper Mind
Your book Simple Happiness was wonderful! I am not really such a great reader, but I found it very easy to read and understand. I felt so much better after I read it. Actually I read it twice. I’m going to tell everyone about it. It has my highest recommendation.
Victoria Mussa, Mineola, NY
My name is Chris, I was unable to attend your talk at St. Philip’s last week, but I did purchase your book, “Simple Happiness”. I read it in one day and LOVED it. I am recommending it to my friends and family. I will read it again, but this time, highlighting specific areas and quotes I know I will need to reflect on time and time again.Is your book available in tape or CD form? My husband suffers from Macular Degeneration and, unfortunately, can no longer read. I feel this book would help him immensely as it has me.
Chris, Northport, NY
I just had to let you know that I was sorry I did not get to talk to Jim Ryan last time. Please let him know that I started to read his book the other night when I was really depressed about a situation I was in. He helped me tremendously. Perhaps saved a relationship. Please tell him I will be forever grateful. I plan on using his advice frequently.
Paula, Riverhead, NY
I would like to thank you for giving such an inspirational talk last week. I was truly moved by your talk and went out later that afternoon to purchase your book. The book really ‘hit home’ for me. There was so much that I could relate to and found your words very meaningful. Thank You!I look forward to talking to you later today and exploring some ways in which I can be of assistance to you.
Bill White, LandAmerica/Commonwealth Land Title
I read your book “Simple Happiness” in one day – it was inspiring!
Ellen Grill, Northport, NY



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